Memory Status

iPhone/iPod touch application. It provides the following functions.

Memory Status

Running User Processes

Cleaning Memory

Memory Status Support Page

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What's New

2008-12-12 Memory Status has been updated to Version 2.0.

  • revise the appearance
  • shoten the display name
  • add the cleaning memory function

You can access the App Store here.

Memory Status screen

  • Displays the status of your iPhone's (or iPod Touch's) RAM memory usage condition. The four conditions are: Wired, Active, Inactive and Free. Information is provided in the following formats: Pie chart, percentage used and physical size in MB.
  • "i" button provide explanations of the four memory conditions.
  • Reload button will refresh the status displays.
  • Pie chart's background color will change based on available free and inactive memory state.

Running User Processes screen

  • Displays the list of running applications and processes. Main applications are shown with icons.

Memory Cleaning screen

  • Displays the current core applications running (typically in the background) and provides the option to "terminate" and recover memory in use by them.
  • The cleaning process may take 10 to 30 seconds.
  • On rare occasions, Memory Status application may itself terminate during this process. However, the system will not suffer from this event and memory cleaning should be completed.

Cleaning button: Level1 versus Level2

The cleaning process terminates core applications (operating in the background) and reclaims memory in use by them.

  • Level1 ... cleaning terminates Safari and reclaims memory in use.
  • Level2 ... cleaning terminates Safari, Mail and iPod and reclaims memory in use.

It is not recommended to start the cleaning process while you are listening to music due to the amount of CPU load necessary for the cleaning.


If the free memory condition does not improve even after the cleaning process, start and close Safari once and re-run the cleaning.


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